Past Lives Pavilion

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Isawa Mei
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Past Lives Pavilion

Post by Isawa Mei » Thu Sep 13, 2018 5:00 am

Just for keeping track...

AEG Winter Court 3- Tonbo Taira. Dragonfly Clan Shiba Bushi Imperial Explorer. Fell in love at the drop of a hat and scored a Blissful Betrothal. Slated to marry into the Dragon Clan, becoming Kitsuki Taira.

AEG Winter Court 4- Isawa Taisho. Phoenix Clan Isawa Shungja Jade Magistrate. Complicated. Fell in love with a scorpion (who was putting him on, but that's life in the big city), secured a betrothal to her.

Fan-Run Winter Court 5- Daigotsu Yukari. Spider Clan Daigotsu Bushi, Empire-Loyal. Tough, tough lady. Aromantic and borderline asexual.

Shadows Over Naishou 1- Usagi Ginhiko. Hare Clan Usagi Bushi. Kind of dumb. Fast as hell. Almost zero meaningful interpersonal connections by game's end.

Naishou Topaz- Isawa Mei (namesake!). Phoenix Clan Shiba Bushi. Evil Eye, Black Sheep. Miss Congeniality. Most recent XP secured her a Blissful Betrothal to Hiruma Zoido. Has a passion for cartography. Has a slew of pen pals following the Topaz Championship.

Paint the Town Red and Naishou Chapter 2- Bayushi Choudai. Scorpion Clan Bayushi Bushi. Really into cuisine. In love with another Scorpion's wife. Served as an infiltrator in the guise of Yasuki Kanbei. Potentially a leading figure in the Age of Enlightenment.
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Bayushi Nagako
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Re: Past Lives Pavilion

Post by Bayushi Nagako » Mon Sep 24, 2018 3:55 pm

AEG Winter Court 4- Bayushi Karyudo. Scorpion Clan, Bayushi/Kakita bushi. Complicated. Romanced the yojimbo of Iweko Miaka, she breaks it off so he could court the princess. Much drama. Ended up winning the princess' hand and love.

Fan-Run Winter Court 5- Bayushi Inaho. Scorpion Clan, Bayushi Courtier/Kenku Swordsman. Fanatically loyalist, to the point of killing himself when it turned out his superior had the same grasp of it as a banana.

Shadows Over Naishou 1- Bayushi Nagako. Scorpion Clan Courtier. Seductress. Dabbler in strange and dark things. :roll:

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