[Epilogue] A meeting of seasons [Akie & Harukichi]

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Tonbo Akie
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[Epilogue] A meeting of seasons [Akie & Harukichi]

Post by Tonbo Akie » Tue Jul 23, 2019 6:21 pm

She brushed her hand lightly over the short, bristly hair on Harukichi's scalp. A bit more forward than was entirely proper, but...she liked the gesture. It still seemed almost surreal, really, how close she'd come to catastrophe. How weird, and frustrating the distance between them was, before - how he'd never gotten it, how she'd never let him.

Akie shook her head. It had seemed so easy for others, and maybe it was - but maybe it was not, at least for some others. Their friends had watched out for them though, and even a kind stranger to whom they owed a lot. And the Fortunes. This morning, much like all days of last week, she'd been at the temple to express her thanks.

The tournament was over. Such a small thing. Two weeks. The mind played weird tricks - somehow it felt like it'd been much longer than that, sometimes like she'd barely just woken up on the first day of it. And now it was over, and she still had a hard time wrapping her head around going back home, first to her Clan, and eventually to her Sensei. But she looked forward to it - what could go wrong now? Just her duty to grow stronger, improving her Swordsmanship to protect her Clan, all the other Clans...her friends. She'd see them all again eventually, she was sure. Ryouta who'd always made it look so easy. Mayu, who'd always been so gloomy yet so sensible. And....

"You know, I always liked your hair." she said. Harukichi smiled, a big, goofy small.

It was the weirdest thing. Sometimes she forgot just how big he was - but when he folder her in his arms it was impossible to miss.
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Ichiro Harukichi
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Re: [Epilogue] A meeting of seasons [Akie & Harukichi]

Post by Ichiro Harukichi » Tue Jul 23, 2019 6:34 pm

Harukichi smiled as he pressed Akie to his chest. He liked her, had, he realized, cared for her for quite some time now. The gesture felt like a good expression of that - and also a gentle rebuke to how she sometimes didn't take him seriously. A small gesture...

Sometimes, maybe, they needed that. He'd have to get better at this, because he'd come close to losing this friendship, maybe his other friends, too. Maybe there would be no one to take care of him next time - so he had to learn. Work hard. Still, he felt like it was worth it, and thanked the Fortunes for this chance. Maybe come out of his shell a little, step by step. Find a way to express his thanks.

A few months from now, he too would make his way north. Still in the mountains, so maybe he would fit right in. Maybe he wouldn't miss his home that much.
He probably would, if he was honest with himself, even if he'd never fit in there. But that was not how home worked. It was something deeper than that, he felt. Maybe just the familiarity will all the people he knew, knowing who he was and where he would have to go in life. That would all change now, and he'd have to rebuild all of it. Only see his brothers now and then, if travelling permitted. Prove himself to a new set of people, find new purpose.

But his friends would be waiting for him again, in the future. Mayu, lost and searching just like him. Flighty Ryouta, who still had his heart in the right place most of the time. And....her. Harukichi smiled.

The hair would grow back.
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