(Day 12, Late Evening) Cutting the Ties of Blood

Though technically unaligned and administered by the Seppun, the Hundred Stances Dojo and rumors of its secret texts and techniques have drawn the attention of all clans, great and minor.
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Re: (Day 12, Late Evening) Cutting the Ties of Blood

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Yuuka's face was rigid and stony. She did not even try to hide the anger, but kept quiet, just barely. What a...spectacle. She was disgusted with what she had seen here.

They have murdered a whole village, with the weapons of unspeakable evil. Killed dozens of the Samurai who defended this place. For a moment she wished she'd been one of them, stood with them. It would have been...clean. Honourable. The right thing to do. But she lived, because she stayed behind, supported their efforts. Did what she could - at least that's what Yuuka thought at the time.

Now she was not so sure. But she was sure that it was WRONG to just entertain this challenge, to let the man who was behind this atrocity walk free. She was happy that the Ronin had triumphed, defeated his vile sister, but then...let her live?
The Matsu herself felt queasy at the prospect of killing a defenseless opponent. She was not sure she could do it, but this was...weakness. Human sentiment. Dereliction of duty. This Makiko consorted with blasphemous enemies of the empire. Nothing else mattered at this point. Whether or not she bore this taint...her crimes condemned her soul. It was right to kill her where she stood, or lay.

But they did not.

Yuuka was angry at the Crab. Almost resented Jiaying. She had been a miserable, combative person, caused strife before, and seemed to be entirely incapable of controlling herself. Hida Jiaying was her own worst enemy and overstepped her bounds, brought shame on herself and her fellow students. She did the usual Crab Clan grandstanding and dramatization. Those trite old accusations towards the empire, bordering on baseless slander. But she also made Yuuka feel bad. Inadequate. The accusations stung.
They had seen this evil happen. They put up with these murders and crimes, and welcomed the criminals like honoured guests, afforded them rights and privileges. Went through with the rotten charade. Hida Jiaying had spoken out loud what she herself thought - but what many others had thought as well. The terror Yuuka felt at the sight of the attacking hordes, at the chaos and death of battle were still fresh in her mind, even if there seemed to be a vague consensus not to mention them - until the Crab shattered it. But now a return to safety, to pretending it was alright was no longer possible. Heinous deeds had been perpetrated, the conventions of Samurai society had been twisted, the very honour of the empire sold.

And she, Matsu Yuuka, had watched it happen, wringing her hands. Because the adults had decided that was the right course of action, and because she followed them, as she should. Because she couldn't change it. Couldn't fight, overcome it. "Courage", "splendour". That's what the characters of her name said - and she was not worthy of it. Right or not, prudent or not, this was...cowardice, and it made her feel sick. Made her feel diminished.

The heavy-handed, shameful proclamation of the head of the Dojo just felt like an admission of guilt. An angry drunk throwing the half-empty clay jug of sake at a maid who had scolded his conduct. Yet she had kept quiet. Had to keep quiet. She was still part of this Dojo. They had to stick together to weather this, after all. Her time for heroic defiance, for making a stand and changing things had passed, and she had not seized it. Now, the sensible thing would be stay with the group, follow their lead. Not make a fuss. Trust her betters.

So this is how honour is broken she thought. Out of circumstance, and many small moments. Decisions that made sense at the time.

Yuuka should have listened to her uneasy feeling, to the churning in her gut. These events would stay with her for a long time, she was sure, looping over and over, with her agonizing over what she could have done. Should have done. She was not sure she could go back and face her sisters after this was over.
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Re: (Day 12, Late Evening) Cutting the Ties of Blood

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Tobi had seen all of it. He must have he was here.

Blink, blink.

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