(Day 13, Late Morning) Courtyard Chatter FINAL

While it is used for overflow training space (as is nearly any other unoccupied area within the complex), a large courtyard provides room for walks, semi-private conversation, and meditation.
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(Day 13, Late Morning) Courtyard Chatter FINAL

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The more socially-oriented types gather once more in the Courtyard, finding it happily free of the carnage that was found here yesterday. There's quite a lot to talk about, of course - a potential challenger for rulership of the Crane, the possible plots of the Red Hand and his colleagues, and of course the big gempukku ceremony that will take place tomorrow. It's the last chance to gossip and trade words as children, for tomorrow at this time, you will be adults, ready to take on adult duties...
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Re: (Day 13, Late Morning) Courtyard Chatter FINAL

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Once again, it was Kat and many servants, only a few of the more less memorable students finding their way to the courtyard lessons. There was even more to talk about today than normal though, with everything that had happened. Kat did his best to stand up for his friends... were they friends now then? Hmmm... either way, if they were, he certainly did a good job of it.

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